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We made it our mission to do something many didn't think was possible:  create Toxic Free products that actually work.  We're showing men, women, and the Beauty Industry that we can deliver products that give us the results we want without harming our health or our planet.   

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THANK YOU! These are THE products I've been waiting for all my life. After two months of using the Mineral Mud instead of my old moisturizer, my skin is so clear and even that I frequently have oily/dirty skin.

Julie |Age 44

Listen ladies - I have tried many things, many many creams and pricy products, you name it. One day I was graced with a tiny sample and I introduced it to to my skin care routine and I noticed my acne scars disappearing my face is glowing redness is gone. Skin is hydrated looks younger. Now I’m crying because i can’t do without it! I rinse my Drunk elephant baby facial off I add this afterwords and abracadabra instant results.  This is truly a life changer!

Susan |Age 39

Off the charts Good! Absorbs so nicely - light fresh fragrance. Protects your skin so well. Love Lillyrose Botanicals

Joyce |Age 56

I had oily skin for over twenty years and used pretty much every department store skincare line, looking for the results that I obtained in just one week of using Lilly Rose Botanicals.

Marti |Age 51